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We are the Short Sale Specialists! We sue your Lender, File a Lis Pendens on your Behalf, Force a Short Sale upon your Lender, and then we make THEM pay us, not YOU!! Our clients are only responsible for Court Filing fees that are paid directly to the Court.


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The legal team at Anvaripour & Anvaripour is at your service. We offer reliable representation in different legal matters, including immigration (over 50 years of practicing experience in this field), foreclosure related services, and personal injury representation.  Our goal is to have our clients see tangible results.  We accept all major credit cards, and provide different payment plans.  We work with our potential clients on a personal case to case basis, we try to accomodate you no matter what your circumstance.  Try us.  Read below to learn more about our practice and the services we offer.  



You have come to the right place.  For years, ever since the mortgage crisis arose in the USA about 8 years ago, we have been suing lenders/banks/servicers on borrowers' behalf.  We do not offer services without litigation (suing in court).....we have found that the best results are achieved when you take your lender to court.  


The way we deal with short sale situations is unique and effective.  We sue the servicer and/or investor of your loan based on aspects of your Loan that you never even knew existed, such as invalid Assignments of your Deed.  We force them to the table to make a deal in relation to a short sale that you as the homeowner are happy with, then at this point our office seeks payment from the approving Lender, and not from you the Homeowner.  However, you will be responsible for court filing fees and related process of service fees on your defendants, but this rarely exceeds $750 for the entire process.  (In California, to file a lawsuit alone you must pay the court $435).  The remainder covers fax filing fees for subsequent court filings and process of service upon the defendants.  


If you have a sale date scheduled, or even if you have already lost title to your home, a California licensed attorney will meet with you either in person or over the phone and determine whether you have an actionable case, free of charge.  If you have a viable case (which most borrowers do) and should you decide to retain us, we will file a lawsuit, complete with a TRO (temporary restraining order) stopping the trustee sale, as well as filing and recording a Lis Pendens, thus preventing any sale of your property.  


After that, we play hardball, demand a modification, obtaining favorable interest rates and even sometimes principal reductions.  


The main services we offer are foreclosure related litigation/negotiation, tenant eviction/unlawful detainer advocation, some immigration areas, as well as automobile personal injury matters.  Call today to talk directly to an attorney!

What Makes Us Different

Experience coupled with innovative thinking and specialized knowledge guarantee tailor-made, targeted solutions for each individual client.  We have eliminated many overhead costs, therefore allowing us to provide thoroughly competent legal representation for an affordable price.  We also work with each individual client to attempt accomodate their financial needs.  

Who We Are

Success born of experience: Our attorneys and staff offer legal assistance with a high degree of specialized knowledge. 


Mark A. Anvaripour, licensed with the State Bar of Illinois, has been practicing law for almost 50 years.  His expertise encompasses Immigration, family law, and personal injury matters, as well as hundreds of civil litigation actions.  His vast experience and knowledge of the law is one of the biggest assets to this law office.  


Cyrus Ramsey Anvaripour, licensed with the State Bar of California, has been practicing law for almost two years after he decided to follow in his father's footsteps.  His legal expertise includes litigation against lenders for a multitude of issues from fraud at the origination of the loan, to litigating in order to address the so-called "trial plans" that are offered by lenders/servicers which are actually fraudulent schemes to collect as much as they possibly can from hopeful borrowers before foreclosing on their property, thus achieving a "double recovery." Cyrus has obtained multiple settlements from lenders ranging from loan modifications to monetary damages.  In fact, Cyrus recently obtained a loan modification for a borrower client whose property had already been purchased by the lender (REO Reversal).  We know your home is probably the most important material possession to you, and we are determined to have you keep it.  

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